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Traverse City's Desperately Seeking Madonna

Source: Detroit Free Press. 2008

But another star had positioned himself in front of the State Theatre, the hotspot of the Traverse City Film Festival, and a cluster of children swarming Front Street thought he was pretty cool. A Charlie Chaplin mime stood silently in a white suit, white bowler and white cane, coaxing kids over for handshakes. “I just do it for the smiles,” said Harold Kranick, 15, a Traverse City freshman at St. Francis High who was providing free entertainment. Kranick said he was hoping to do his Chaplin act Saturday night when Madonnaarrives. “I might see from, like, far away,” said Kranick. “She’s good. She’s a wonderful singer. My oldest sister, she listens to that kind of music,” he said referring to Madonna.


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